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Custom designs tailored to meet your individual needs. Stand out.

Located near Montreal, Canada, The W3 Factory offers a wide range of website and graphic services.

We're a passionate team dedicated in providing superior services and outstanding designs that help transform our client's lives. We believe foremost that client satisfaction is key to maintaining a successful business. We pride ourselves in our clients success as it permits the development of long-lasting relationships that are beneficial for all.

Not only do we aim to please our clients, we also offer some of the most competitive rates on the internet! Don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote, we love to take on new challenges!

Web Design

Tailored to meet your individual needs: "Our goal is to deliver useable, aesthetic, high-impact designs that correspond to our client's target audience." - Jason Lane, Web designer and graphic artist

The key to a successful website is presentation and accessibility to information. Each time a new visitor accesses your website, your website has anywhere from 4 to 8 seconds to caputre their attention. If a visitor can not understand what your website is about, or if it is overly complex to understand, your visitors will most likely look elsewhere for their information. By emplyoing our sevices, you can rest assured that the The W3 Factory will develop a custom site tailored to both, your visitors and to your own needs.

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Graphic Design

Communication through visual elements. Achieve what words can not say.

Logo Design

Your company logo is one of the most important design tasks for your business. It is the symbol by which others will judge the professionalism of your enterprise. Do not forget that your logo will most likely feature on letterheads, business cards, emails, website, etc. Get your marketing campaign off on the right foot by having The W3 Factory create a professional, custom logo for your business.

Business Card Design

Your business card is your opportunity to put your company in the hand of everyone you meet. How well your business card presents itself is how well people will percieve you. They are a symbol of your companies professionalism and creativity. From design to print, The W3 Factory can create the perfect custom business card that will cement your business name and image in the memory of your contacts.

Brochure / Flyer Design

Brochures / fliers are often considered one the least expensive yet most effective forms of advertisement available. A well designed brochure / flyer will peak curiosity or further solidify your already existing brand in the minds of your targeted audience. From design to print, The W3 Factory can create the perfect custom brochures/ fliers which will take your marketting campaign to the next level.

The W3 Factory

The W3 Factory

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